Mixed Practice Vet – New Grad or Experienced

Forbes Veterinary Clinic is looking for a mixed practice veterinarian to join their team full-time.


What’s the workload?

We are a typical rural mixed practice with 60-70% smallies and 30-40% largies load. We encourage all our staff to become good all-round rural GP vets. If you have a particular species or subject you enjoy working with we can nurture you in that direction too. Our regular jobs for all our vets (including new grads) include:

  • Cattle: Preg testing (manual & ultrasound), bull testing, calvings, individual and herd health

  • Horses: Preg testing, lameness, colic, stitch ups

  • Dogs & cats: vax, consults, medicine, surgery (soft tissue, orthopaedic, desexing, caesareans), emergency

  • Sheep, alpacas, pigs, pocket pets, bird, wildlife, reptiles round out the rest of our patient load

Most of our patient’s needs we are able to fully service but if more complicated things are required we have the option of referral to Canberra (3hrs), Sydney (5hrs), Wagga (2.5hrs) and more experienced vets within 1.5hrs.


What’s the job like for a new grad?

We are new grad friendly! Prove it? We offer $60,000 starting salary and this is a broken into an hourly rate as well (please keep in mind this is reflective of our lower costs of living out here and in their first 2 years out our new grads have been able to secure first home deposits, brand new horse floats and utes!). You lead the way with what you’re comfortable with –

  • Want to start with just vaccinations? Deal!

  • Want to have 30min vax or 60min ‘all the rest’ consults scheduled? Deal!

  • Want to watch another vet do surgeries, or have another vet watch you do surgeries to start with? Deal!

  • Want to have a crack at a leg amputation or splenectomy in your first month because you’re feeling good? Deal!

  • Don’t want to start on call for at least 3 months? Deal!

  • Want your first Christmas guaranteed off to be able to go home and brag about your amazing new career? Deal!

  • Want guaranteed back up in person or at the end of the phone by one of your bosses no matter the time of day, night, public holiday, weekend? Deal!

These are all proven things that we can do – ask our current associates who started here as new grads!


How does the day roster work?

We work 4 x 9.5hr days with one week-day off a week. The current position would give you Wednesdays off but can be negotiated. Work 2 days, have a day off, work 2 days – how good!

The vet’s work day schedule:

  • 8-9am- morning patient checks

  • 9am-12.15pm – consults/largies/surgeries

  • 12.30pm-3pm – catch up on notes, procedures collected from the morning, phone calls, lab submissions, lunch break

  • 3-5.15pm – consults/largies, 5.30-6.30pm – night patient checks

The actual clinic opening hours are 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays (worked by the on call vet).


How does after hours work?

If you’re a new grad – you won’t be asked to do ANY after hours until you’ve a minimum of 3mths experience, unless you want to start sooner. Before doing on call, you are more than welcome to shadow one of the other vets to learn more skills.

Once you’re feeling comfortable with the new clinic settings our rota is 1 weeknight a week and 1 in 4 weekends. Public Holidays are rotated equal share each year so that means only 1 Christmas every 4 years and 1 Easter every 4 years etc.

You are paid 50% of every consult fee you charge, 50% of professional fees as well (surgery, xrays, board, hospitalisation, large animal visits).

After you do a weekend on call you get the following Friday off as a paid RDO. This gives you 1 in 4 weekends as a long weekend to do as you please.


What are the clients like?

We have friendly clients reflective of our rural community. They understand that some things take time and that we don’t always have the answers immediately but they trust in our dedication to follow up all our cases. Rude, unpleasant clients are not welcome at our clinic and will be redirected when identified!


What are the support staff like?

Each day we have minimum 3 nursing staff on the floor, a dedicated receptionist and a practice manager. There is always at least 2 fully qualified nursing staff who are efficient at IV placement, blood draw & running, radiographs, administering medications (IV, IM, SC), owner communication, surgery admission, patient triage. What can’t they do might be a shorter list? These staff are working alongside 2-3 vets per day.


What’s the workplace like?

It is a proper team. We all have each other’s back and are willing to share information with each other and put our heads together to nut out cases. Nobody leaves at the end of the day feeling the weight on their shoulders of any particular case – we all share the load together. Although it can get stressful like all busy workplaces we get through it with good communication. The gifts of chocolate, biscuits, fruit and muffins from clients and the daily 10.30am coffee van visit to the door probably helps too!


Why is Forbes a good place to live?

Well it depends on who you talk to!

Vet Vanessa – loves the sport options: hockey, netball, touch footy, soccer, tennis, volley-squash are the ones that she participates in! There’s also rugby, AFL, water-skiing and squash.

Vet Amy – loves the equestrian events that are numerous all within a couple of hours drive of Forbes

Nurse Alesha – enjoying seeing the locals each day and building rapport in our community


The community in general is very friendly. The town has 3 primary schools, 2 high schools, a preschool, and numerous day care options. Major shops include 2 supermarkets (inc woollies), kmart hub, bunnings, spotlight, maccas, KFC, subway, dominoes (although the local pizza shop is way better!). Other highlights are the lake in town which everyone loves to walk/run/cycle the 5-10km circuit of; the Lachlan river that’s good for fishing, kayaking and swimming in; town pool; great food options at pubs, clubs, cafes, restaurants, bakeries.



The boring stuff: we have all the bells & whistles you’d be looking for in a mixed practice including fixed & portable digital xray, smallies ultrasound, 2 x largies ultrasounds, iM3 dental equipment,  endoscope, IDEXX CBC & Biochem in-house, pulse ox, ECG machine, fluid pumps, blood pressure monitoring. We use the RX Works computer system with a computer in each consult room, 1 in xrays & 1 in the back area.


For further information, contact or send CV to:

Practice Manager

Forbes Veterinary Clinic

PO Box 845

Forbes NSW 2871

Phone: 02 6852 1775

Mobile: 0401580718


Casual On-call Vet Nurse


Casual on call mixed practice veterinary nurse position required for Forbes Vet Clinic.

This position would suit a Certificate IV graduate or qualified nurse looking for a diverse caseload in a very supportive environment. We are chasing an enthusiastic and passionate individual to join our team on a casual on call basis. As part of our team you would be required to work one weekend out of six weekends; with the occasional night through the week also. We have a fantastic client base and pride ourselves on a high level of service.

At Forbes Vet Clinic we possess excellent diagnostic and surgical equipment including but not limited to, fixed and portable digital radiology, small animal ultrasound with colour doppler, ultrasound for large animal reproduction, extensive orthopaedic surgical equipment, endoscope and pulse ox to

name a few.

Our practice has a varying caseload of 60-70% small animal and 30-40% large animal. We currently employ 4 full-time vets and are presently looking for another; our nursing team is a mix of two years and up to fifteen years on the job experience. We are a fast-paced clinic which also includes receptionist, accounts management and practice manager.

This position is for May/June 2021 start.

For further information, contact or send CV to:

Practice Manager

Forbes Veterinary Clinic

PO Box 845

Forbes NSW 2871

Phone: 02 6852 1775