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Post-Desexing Surgery Instructions (Male)

Your male dog or cat has been castrated. This procedure involves surgery in a very sensitive area and therefore needs care for some time after the event. Unfortunately, dogs and cats do not always understand that they must rest so we need you to assist us with their recovery.


Immediately after
When you pick up your dog or cat from our clinic, he may be a little drowsy. This is quite normal following an anaesthetic and surgery. The drowsiness should reduce over the next 12-24 hours. There will be some bruising, the same as humans, so he should not be expected to be completely normal for a few days.


What to do 
Keep your dog or cat in a quiet, warm place and give only small amounts to eat and drink. He will be back to normal in a couple of days.


Take care
Most dogs or cats have recovered fully within a few days. Unfortunately this does have some disadvantages in that he may start jumping, running around generally trying to do everything that he can to upset the surgery and/or sutures. Please try to keep him as quiet as possible until the sutures are removed.


Generally there are very few complications after the operation, however, there are some signs to watch for that may indicate a problem.

1. Dull and listlessness (especially after the first 24 hours)

2. Excessive redness or irritation around the suture line

3. Swelling or lumpiness around the sutures


If you notice any of these signs please do not hesitate to call our clinic. We are interested in your pet's well being so please feel free to ring us. 


Note: Your dog or cat will need his sutures taken out in 10 days so please arrange an appointment.