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Dog Breeds

Who Does Your Dog Think They Are?


In the coming months we intend on exploring several different breeds of one of the world’s most loyal creatures; dogs.


As we all know, each of our pets are special and individual so these are just some well known general facts about this breed.


We'd love to hear from owners of the breeds we explore. Head to our Facebook page and leave your comment, photo or suggestion of a breed!





Whippets were developed during the late 19th century from sporting, coursing and running dogs. They are bred to race and were adopted by miners of north-east England.


They were used for coursing (catching rabbits and hares) and were nicknamed ‘snap dogs’ for their ability to kill rats and rabbits with a sharp snap.



Lean, muscular, athletic, fine, short coats.

Small athletic with a wide mix of colours including white brindle and blue.

A member of the hound group – a sight hound chasing by direct sight not scent.



Von-Willebrand’s disease (condition that can cause extended or excessive bleeding) can occur in Whippets.

Not fussy eaters but need to have regular exercise to maintain healthy weight.

Prone to skin and bone injuries.

Has little resistance to cold.


Lifespan 12-15 years.



Gentle, patient, tolerant and affectionate.

Good with people.

Can be highly strung.

Have a strong prey drive.